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What are people saying?

Although I was very skeptical about the benefits of coaching, after only a couple of sessions with Corey I've seen a major difference in my motivation, attitude and drive to make positive changes in my life. It has given me so much confidence and allowed me to take control of aspects in my life which I once thought were outside my reach. I feel so much more in control of my work, life, study and health balance, and am so ready to continue that growth. I could not recommend him highly enough"

Arian - Paramedic Student

“Corey is an inspiring coach. He takes the time to go through all aspects of your life to create balance and harmony and to make sure all aspects of your goals work together. He is patient and made me consider attitudes and speaking patterns I didn't realise could be holding me back. He goes through with you to create a plan and then most importantly holds you accountable. I look forward to having future sessions with him and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to live a more intentional and satisfying life.”

Sophie - Air BnB Host

"Previously I was less confident of my personal capacity to become the Coach I aimed to be and reach my true potential. Corey's coaching has assisted  me to review and examine my patterns of thinking thus renewing my mindset.  Corey has effectively supported me to recognise the critical nature of accepting responsibility for my decisions and action steps in order to create a more empowered life. I have achieved a greater sense of personal clarity and increased zeal.  I have also developed a heightened sense of purpose, belief in myself. Corey assisted me to recognise where I had developed personal qualities, needed to further examine my boundaries and therefore improve my relationships both with myself and others.  My understanding and appreciation for acceptance of personal responsibility in my life is much greater! The coaching process has guided and empowered me to develop consistency in my goals and  to ultimately achieve my true potential.

I would highly recommend investing in coaching with Corey Barber as Corey is a very dedicated coach whose purpose is to support his clients in their personal pursuit of their direction in life by achieving clarity in their thinking, boundary setting and relationships with others.  Corey is a sincere Professional Coach who shares his personal wisdom and deep understanding of the various aspects of humanity."

Leona - Coaching Student

"Grateful and can’t thank you enough for an absolutely phenomenal coaching experience I had with you. You helped me to fill in the gap/missing link in my career, guided me on how I can be the best version of me in my career. You did that in only two sessions. I was amazed with all the new wonderful possibilities that you helped me to see and definitely to achieve (yay!!) I am so excited, powered up and motivated to embark on the new journey of my career. Thank you again Corey from the bottom of my heart."

Noor  - Insurance Agent

I engaged Corey for Coaching around a small matter requiring clarity & left with what I actually really needed but didn’t have the awareness of beforehand. Corey was professional & friendly, created a judgement free space, asked thought provoking questions which led me to transformative realisations, he really listened to what I was & wasn’t saying & he shared some really useful insights on beneficial strategies which I could go away & apply immediately. Can highly recommend that if you are stuck on something, Corey will certainly be able to add value in helping you move forward.

Amanda  - Payroll Administrator

I am immensely grateful for Corey at YOU Unearthed. Before I started with Corey I was feeling defeated, had little to no hope, and I felt I was simply existing and not living. Once I experienced coaching with Corey, I started a beautiful journey of rediscovering my authentic self. Corey has helped me shift my perspective, unearth and smash through my limiting beliefs and self-doubt, and reconnect with my life's purpose/mission/vision. I'm now feeling my confidence and self-belief grow each day, and I feel empowered, optimistic, and unstoppable in my ability to live life to my fullest potential. I highly recommend investing in Corey at YOU Unearthed to anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their life, whether it's personal and/or professional.

Luke  - Nursing Student

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