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Who is YOU Unearthed?

Who am I?: Corey Barber

How did I get here?: I was stuck! Throughout so much of my life I felt like there had to be something more to it. Where was the meaning in work? How do you create a perfect relationship that doesn't end? Why are so many people so unhappy? Through my own experiences in life, my pursuit of the understanding of happiness and my studies in outdoor education and coaching, I've slowly learned to answer these questions and have unearthed a passion for helping others to do the same.

My Purpose: To uplift, inspire, and empower my clients and give them the knowledge, understanding and experience they need to live a happier and more fulfilling life. 

My Values: Empowerment - Graceful Striving - Adventure - Compassion - Playfulness - Passion


Why receive coaching?

What's it all about anyway?

The benefits:

  • Develop a sense of clarity around your purpose and goals. 

  • Identify and resolve the habits and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Foster self discovery and growth

  • Learn to communicate more effectively

  • Improve relationships

  • Create powerful boundaries

  • Develop emotional intimacy

  • Develop your financial independence 

  • Learn to identify and language your core values

  • Build a life that is in harmony with your values, evoking a sense of effortlessness in your decision making. 



"It has given me so much confidence and allowed me to take control of aspects in my life which I once thought were outside my reach."

Arian - Paramedic Student


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