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Empowering adventurous women to experience a life with more freedom and deeper connections.

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About YOU Unearthed

Welcome to YOU Unearthed, I'm so happy you found us! I'm Corey and as lead coach and founder I pride myself on developing a fun, safe and empowering space for self discovery and personal growth. YOU Unearthed is more than just a coaching service – it's a community, a teacher and a guide on the adventurous journey to discovering your highest potential and living a life of purpose and fulfilment.


🌱 Our Roots

Drawing from a rich history of outdoor leadership and teaching, I've spent years training, coaching and supporting others to expand beyond their perceived limits and experience incredible growth. YOU Unearthed was born out of a desire to take things to the next level. With a passionate belief in the transformative power of self-reflection and community supported effort, I integrate proven coaching techniques with the wisdom of outdoor experiences to facilitate my clients coming into a sense of clarity and focus so that they can move towards a life with more personal freedom and fulfilment.


🐾 Beyond the Office

When I'm not working with my clients, you'll likely find me adventuring with my partner and our beloved dog, Mav. I thrive in places where I can dive head first into new experiences and challenges, whether its travelling, camping, climbing, paddling or canyoning. This blend of playfulness, companionship, and exploration infuses into every aspect of YOU Unearthed, creating a welcoming space where clients feel challenged, supported and understood.


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Corey Barber and his dog.

🚀 Our Purpose

At YOU Unearthed, our purpose is simple: to give you the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to live a happier, more fulfilling life filled with deep connections to family, friends and community. Through personalised coaching sessions, community based group coaching and heartfelt guidance, we're here to help you unearth your true potential and embrace the journey to your ideal self. 


💫 Our Values

Empowerment: Empowering you to take charge of your life and shape your own destiny. 
Graceful Striving: Encouraging growth with patience, resilience, and self-compassion. Teaching you how to communicate your journey with the people you love and build healthy boundaries. 
Adventure: Embracing the thrill of new experiences and the beauty of stepping outside your comfort zone.
Compassion: Extending kindness, validation, understanding and support to every individual we work with.
Playfulness: Infusing joy, spontaneity, and laughter into the coaching process.

Ready to embark on your journey of self-discovery? Let's connect and discover the extraordinary possibilities awaiting you at YOU Unearthed!



Why receive coaching?

What's it all about anyway?

The benefits:

  • Develop a sense of clarity around your purpose and goals

  • Increase personal freedom

  • Identify and resolve the habits and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Foster self discovery and growth

  • Learn to communicate more effectively

  • Build deeper connections 

  • Create powerful boundaries

  • Develop emotional intimacy

  • Develop your financial independence 

  • A greater sense of fulfilment and personal satisfaction

  • Build a life that is in harmony with your values, evoking a sense of effortlessness in your decision making. 

Photo of Corey Barber rock climbing in the Blue Mountains, Australia


"It has given me so much confidence and allowed me to take control of aspects in my life which I once thought were outside my reach."

Arian - Paramedic Student


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